Whether you’re visiting family for the weekend or taking a month-long vacation, we welcome your beloved dogs and cats! We make sure they’re well-fed, comfortable, and active during the day. We take them outdoors as often as weather allows. Kennels may be shared by furry siblings to reduce their anxiety and your cost. Make your reservation online or by calling 765.216.7730.


Do your dogs get nervous when they’re home alone? Drop your pet kids off at Wagglebottoms before work and we’ll give them all the loving attention they crave. We’ll feed them well and give them plenty to do so they’ll sleep better at night. Make your reservation online or by calling 765.216.7730.

Nail Trim

Your poor furniture! Your hardwood floors! Your dog just won’t stop scratching and tearing, and nail trims are almost impossible to do in a hectic home. Let us do it in a calm, low-anxiety environment. Instead of clipping, which runs the risk of cutting the “quick,” or main blood vessel in each toe, we can use a nail grinder that rounds out the tip of each claw painlessly.

Cat Nail Trim

Part of believing animals deserve respect means we don’t support the painful, unnecessary declawing of cats. We’d much rather offer you an affordable rate to keep your cat’s claws trimmed. We use a special cat claw trimmer that helps keep your cat as comfortable as possible. For more information on humane alternatives to declawing, visit


Tired of cleaning all that hair out of your bathtub drain? How sore is your back from bending over your pup to hold him still in the water? Go easier on yourself! Bring him to Wagglebottoms for his bath. Our industrial-sized, elevated tubs mean less back strain for you. And don’t worry, we’ll clean up afterward.

Puppy or Kitten Bath

For those of you who don’t want to wash your own furry little ones, or just want a break, we understand! It can be a challenge (to say the least) to get them used to the water and the bathing process, and they make it VERY clear when they don’t like it. We use love, patience, and treats to make them as comfortable as possible as we get your pet kids cleaned up and ready to head back home.