Our Facilities

Wagglebottoms is a 2,400 sq. ft. building near State Road 67 (Muncie bypass) and McGalliard Rd. Head north on Commerce Drive, and just past Smoot Landscaping, you’ll see our hand-carved welcome sign and bright green walls. Can’t miss it.

Inside you’ll find our retail store packed with pet goodies. You might see our groomer working on one of our furry friends to your left just past the cattery, where the cats gaze down at you from their high perches on the other side of the glass.

Hang a right and you’ll pass the wash-your-own area with two stainless steel tubs, and you’re on your way to our kennel room. Many of our 30 kennels (and counting!) are ideal for families to share.

If it’s a nice day you’ll probably find our canine guests outside on our playground, chasing each other around the maple trees, playing on the teeter-totter, or just rolling around.

We love our kennels and cattery, but don’t take our word for how awesome it is. Schedule a tour or just drop by and see it for yourself!

Lauren & Abby

Lauren, Owner

I have loved animals all my life. In 2012 I decided to apply my passion for animal rescue, better health through nutrition and love to a new business based in Muncie, Indiana. Wagglebottoms was born.

I hand-picked brands such as Fromm, Earthborn, Blue Buffalo, etc., for their natural, highly nutritious foods. As a product specialist for Blue Buffalo, I honed my skills as a “pet detective,” figuring out which foods could naturally help dogs and cats with issues from digestive problems to mood changes to irritated skin.

Since opening in 2016, I have been blown away by the response of the local community to my business! Pet parents from Muncie and surrounding areas have come to appreciate the value of nutrition that often keeps them out of the vet’s office, and the love and attention my staff showers on our furry friends every day.

If you haven’t been in yet, come check us out. To our current clients, thank you for trusting Wagglebottoms enough to put your precious pet kids in our care!


Wagglebottoms Staff

Katelyn & Willow
Assistant Manager, Back Room Lead, Groomer
Tori & Finnegan
Grooming Lead
Tara & Rex
Groomer, Kennel Technician, PlayYard Supervisor
Kayla & Lexi
Kennel Tech, Groomer, PlayYard Supervisor
Makayla & Millie
Front Desk Lead, Groomer, Kennel Technician
Melissa & Domino
Kennel Tech, PlayYard Supervisor
Flannery & Opal
Kennel Technician, PlayYard Supervisor
Chloie & Binxley
Kennel Technician, PlayYard Supervisor
Anita-Faith & Lily
Kennel Technician, PlayYard Supervisor
Kelli & June
Kennel Technician, PlayYard Supervisor